Latest Overwatch webcomic was not released in Russia because it featured lesbians. Turns out, the most popular Overwatch character Tracer is lesbian and/ or pansexual.

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Overwatch comic is banned in Russia for promoting LGBTQ

This is quite shocking and Russian government is entirely made of idiots. Banning a game with over half a million people playing it just for one of the characters being gay? We call that unfair for gay people in Russia anyways.

On the other hand, this trend is getting milked way too much now. Naughty Dog with Ellie, Avatar with Korra, some new comic book heroes, and now Tracer. Next will be Crystal Dynamics turning Lara into a lesbian, then Guerrilla Games turning Aloy into a lesbian. Note, we have nothing against LGBT people, but we feel like these people are just milking, and exploiting the oppressed group like LGBT people, Africa Americans, Muslims and so on to make their characters be automatically accepted and cared for.

Making tracer a lesbian had no significant purpose, but to make her grab more attention to consumers and get more demographics to like her. It’s what these companies are doing. They’re using these techniques to make you invest in their product. In this case, tracer. It feels forced. They haven’t touched upon any of the other characters relationships, so why only Tracer? Because she’s lesbian? It seems like they’re just trying to point out the fact that she’s lesbian, just because she’s lesbian. Not because they have any interest in detailing their characters romantic relationships.


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