News about new Overwatch characters is circling around the web for a few past weeks. Fans are expecting some big breaks regarding the characters that the Overwatch developer might be releasing soon. Based on the new information, characters such as Doomfist, Bria, Hammond, or Ivan might be the next ones in line.


However, the developer has remained silent all this time until now. Blizzard has recently dropped one of the biggest hints about a new character for the game. The new character is rumored to be making a debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the same time.

The last one to join the game was the versatile character of Orisa added to the game in late March 2017. According to Blizzard while talking to Express Online that a new Overwatch character is long overdue and Blizzard also stated that they are far along with Hero no 25 for the game.

While all the Overwatch fans are eagerly waiting for the next Character DLC, let’s have a brief look at some of the characters that are expected to be the next in line. One of these characters will soon be part of the game.


Doomfist seems a most obvious choice as it’s the most diverse character. It’s highly likely that the Doomfist will be added to the game in the next Character DLC update. It was recently mentioned in the recent PTR update as well. Dataminers found reference to Doomfist in the PTR crashlog files. This particular character also is highly featured in the game lore and is well connected to the backstory as well.

According to Jeff Kaplan in a recent interview, Doomfist is the most expected character and that it will be worth the wait. This implies to another big hint about Doomfist’s possible arrival with the next big Overwatch update.


Blizzard recently also hinted out about the newly introduced character of Hammond. It is also highly likely that the next big character to arrive is Hammond’s. Blizzard mentioned this particular character at the release of the Horizon Lunar Colony Map.

Further evidence suggests that there are two more characters that are currently in the development phase. These two new characters are Bria and Ivon. Blizzard hasn’t yet revealed any release date for any of these characters to arrive in the game. However, all the recent hints by the developer and rumors suggest the next new character for Overwatch is arriving soon and it could be anyone of the four mentioned above.

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Hopefully, fans will soon see a new update that will bring in further improvements to the game as well as introduce a new character.