In this Overwatch beginners guide, we give you our pick of the top 5 heroes to play as to rank up faster and ease into the game. This will be a list of heroes who are efficient and consistently easy to play with. They will allow newcomers to learn the game as well as rank up really fast. You can use these heroes in public games as well as competitive matches.

overwatch beginners guide
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Overwatch Beginners Guide for top 5 heroes to play as a beginner – Symmetra

Her main weapon latches onto people in close range. Same goes to sentries as well. Very little aiming is required to be effective. And, on top of this, you can easily control choke points by spamming charged up alt-fire orbs. By playing Symmetra, you’ll be able to learn the maps quickly as you play sentries and teleporters all around. If any of your buildables are destroyed, you’ll know straight away and you can find a new spot to setup a new sentry or teleporter. Symmetra is effective in defense but not in control, so keep that in mind.


It’s a hero that can be versatile and complex if it needs to be. Your grenade launcher is a very powerful weapon. You can take out any full health hero with two shots. Just like Symmetra, you will be able to control chokes and objectives when defending by spamming your primary fire in the air. Experiment by placing traps at various spots. It’s also very easy to use and results in multi-kills all too often. So, that means you can rank up really fast with it.


You can get Reinhardt to work in almost any map and game mode with and against most heroes. You can switch to the third person and easily see what’s going on. However, make sure he stays on the payload or objective as it will allow your team to play the objective while still staying behind cover. Playing Reinhardt aggressively requires a lot of practice, so we recommend beginners to play as defensive with this character. If you want to attack, then do so with the team and not alone.

Soldier 76

This is the first hero on this list which requires accurate aim to be playable correctly. But the utility of the soldier along with its effective range is enough to get him on our list. The Helix rocket is a reliable finisher that allows you to look after yourself and others while you make your way over to a spot. You can do short to long range damage with it. Best way to play it is sprint out, shoot, heal up, and repeat. We recommend this to anyone who has played FPS games before like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, and is a newcomer to Overwatch.


You provide so much support for your team and are able to play it on any map at any side. Your ultimate ability can counter numerous enemy abilities if timed correctly. Your ability can be charged easily by taking pot shots at enemies and keeping your team’s health topped up. The speed boost is also a very valuable ability of this character. You can use it to get out of trouble or rush to the objective. It’s easy to play, effective, reliable and versatile.

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