There is a huge update for Overwatch on the PC that will affect people with a slow internet connection. However, this will be a positive effect. This new update doesn’t feature new heroes, maps or game modes. No, the Overwatch bandwidth update is more towards the technical side, particularly related to net-code.

overwatch bandwidth update
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Overwatch Bandwidth Update will improve net-code for PC players with a slow internet connection

Developers of Overwatch talked about the new Overwatch Bandwidth Update in quite some detail. So what does that mean? In Overwatch, a high bandwidth option adjusts the client update rate to 63 updates per second. This is a huge overhaul from the previous 21 updates per second. This will reduce your ping even further. So, when you commit an action on your end, it will register to your character in the server much quicker. This will give you a seamless and coherent multiplayer experience.

Those already getting good pings in Overwatch might not notice the difference. However, those with slower internet connections will see their experience improve dramatically. So, if you’re in India, Pakistan or any other country located far away from Overwatch servers, you will see your ping improve dramatically.

So, let’s take the example of a corner kill. It is basically someone going around a corner and getting shot and killed. Let’s say you go around the corner and you’re about to die. But you quickly retreat back around the corner to avoid the enemy line of sight. However, before the Overwatch Bandwidth Update, the lesser updates per second would mean that your character would take longer to retreat back around the corner due to your slow internet connection. However, now you will be able to avoid getting killed in such sudden moments even if you have a slow internet connection.

Let us know what you think of the Overwatch Bandwidth update. Blizzard also announced they want to bring this to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the future.


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