We think one solution would be that the speed of the capture is relative to the difference between the amount of Attackers and Defenders. If Defenders have the majority (or equal) on the point in Overwatch, it’s contested. If attackers have the majority, they capture the point, with a speed relative to the majority they have. However, if the attackers have one more person on the point, they cap really slowly. If they have two more on the point it’s a bit faster. And three more, it’s even faster. Though it shouldn’t scale any more than that in Overwatch.

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Our opinion on how Blizzard should fix the Overwatch Assault Maps

To balance this, we think Blizzard should make the Capture Points take a longer to cap than now. This is done in order to not give the attackers too much of an advantage. Add a fourth pip for each capture point (extra 33% overall) to make them longer. Then do tie-breaking based on the number of pips that each point has. If they’re still tied then use the total time the attacking team contested each point as the tie-breaker.

This is probably the best way. We like the percentage cap style. But even then you’ll have a mei stall the attacking team from gaining any points. So hopefully Blizzard change it according to how we suggested in the previous paragraphs. That being said, we can see there being more attacking Meis. Or other hard to kill characters that will just freeze/jump around on the point to get the cap.

You don’t NEED 6 on the point. After 3 players are on the point, the point won’t cap any faster. It’s literally the same as it is now. 3 on cap point, 3 on payload etc. Only difference is that if the defending teams want to contest the point, they’ll have to match the player count. So if the attacking team has 2 on point, the defending team will need 2 to contest.

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