Overwatch Anniversary Skins are finally live now and the update comes in with 100 new Cosmetic items that are available via the Loot Boxes. The cosmetic and other items include Voice Lines, Sprays, Emotes, And highlights and Intros.

The best thing in this new update is that all the Skins offered are the Legendary Skins. This differs big time from all the previous updates. Each of the new skins cost about 3000 gold per piece. The event is on for two weeks, unlike the previous ones that remained available for three weeks. This will, in turn, make it quite hard to get all the skins challenging and engaging at the same time.

All the loot boxes are paid. This means that you’ll have to spend a lot of gold on items and skins you like. Check out all 11 new skins below.

Blizzard says that they are releasing the largest amount of Legendary Skins in one go. Three more maps are also going to be available shortly. Fans can look forward to three new arena maps to the arcade. As mentioned earlier, the loot boxes are going to offer various types of items such as cosmetics and skins. The new skins include Lucio’s Jazz DJ, Dune Buggy Bastion, Honey Bee Mei, Sentai Genji, Cruiser D. Va, Stealth Hanzo, Cyborg 76, Mecha Zarya, and a number of others.

All the Overwatch fans will be able to earn Anniversary Loot Boxes and will be awarded a free Loot box on login from May 23 to June 12, 2017. After the event ends, all the new loot boxes will be locked. So, hurry up if you want to have some amazing new skins and other cosmetic items.

The three Arena Maps are all based on 3v3 elimination battles and are quite smaller than the usual brawl level maps. The newly introduced arena maps are Black Forest, Castillo, and Necropolis.

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So are you ready to get your hands on the new Overwatch skins and other cosmetic items? Well, you should be because this event isn’t going to last forever. And don’t forget to tell us about your favorite skins via the comments.