For all the hardcore Overwatch fans, Blizzard has revealed a Skin teaser. The Anniversary event is expected to start in the afternoon today on May 23rd, 2017.


The developer has teased a few other things too that are supposed to be part of the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event. The recent teaser includes skins for the top tier Overwatch characters such as Zarya, Pharah, Bastion, and Soldier 76.

However, the studio hasn’t yet revealed the prices for the skins. As the previous skin rates suggest, fans will most probably have the new skins by spending almost 3000 coins.

The skins tease is not the only amazing news about the highly rated Overwatch today. Blizzard also seems to have replied the wishes of a fan who requested the studio to show some of his favorite characters via the new loot boxes.

In response to the fans inquiries about the new skins for Hanzo and Symetra in the upcoming Anniversary event, the game director Jeff Kaplan replied with “We got you fam.” This could mean that Hanzo’s character will have to walk in his brother’s footsteps and the character will have a new mechanics setup. However, this is just a speculation, so take it with a grain of salt.

Another new leak suggests that the upcoming Overwatch event is going to be live at 11 am in the US and 4 pm in the UK. However, no official confirmation has been released by Blizzard.

During the Overwatch Anniversary event time frame, blizzard will celebrate another massive free weekend on May 26th. This event is expected to last until May 29, 2017. Hopefully, fans will be able to enjoy the new Overwatch Anniversary event as well as this new free weekend.


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