In what would be a latest and interesting update, AMD has said that their new GPU overclocking tool will not overclock their upcoming GPU AMD Radeon RX 480 to 1.6GHz as the company itself claims.


This is actually a strange move as AMD previously allowed users to overclock their GPU’s. But keeping in mind about the users AMD has decided to not allow OC instead. Furthermore, AMD adds that the new GPU will offer the users what they paid for.

When this news came out, PCGamesHardware tried to overclock the RX 480, but they failed to do that. Other reviewers also reported the same. Whenever they tried to overclock the RX 480 to 1.6GHz, they failed. The maximum speed achieved by RX 480 is 1379MHz.

However, the RX 480 is clocked at 1328MHz out of the box. Though the GPU is clocked at a decent speed, many users will be itching to overclock the GPU to make the most of it.

The AMD Radeon RX 480 will go on sale starting June 29. And in some countries, the preorders have already begun. That said, many reviewers all over the world will be waiting for the RX 480 to check whether the public version will be overclocked or not. As of now, fingers crossed because the RX 480 is built on Finnet 14nm manufacturing technology and if the GPU won’t be overclocked, it will be a huge disappointment for many people.


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