The official Outlander Season 3 trailer has been dropped. This trailer shows several emotions through which Claire, Jamie, and Frank undergoes after her return from the stone. Meanwhile, the new season is scheduled to debut on Sep.10, 2017.

The finale of Outlander Season 2 has seen that Claire realizes that her husband Jamie might be alive after the fierce Battle of Culloden. The new season will dig deeper into finding him with the help of Claire’s young and beautiful daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton).

Brianna is helped by Roger, who will play her new love interest in the new season. They share a kiss in the newly dropped trailer. Hence fans might get to see new budding romance between Brianna and Roger, apart from Jamie and Claire.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Outlander

Frank Is Unhappy

After the birth of Brianna, things take a massive change in the life of Claire. She is seen more with Frank and carrying on with her occupation. But Frank Randall does not seem to be happy. The trailer shows the Randall couple having several verbal fights. This happens because Claire is not able to forget her past life with Jamie.

Brianna Helps Claire Find Jamie

As mentioned earlier, Brianna is all set to find her biological father in Outlander Season 3. For this, she might want her mother to go back to the stone. It is seen in one scene that Brianna assures help to Claire. And fans are super excited for this moment to come.

According to TV Line, “the Carfax Close shop is the site of Jamie and Claire’s reunion after a 20-year (by way of 200 years) absence.” A small teaser of this scene is also seen in the Outlander Season 3 trailer.  The website also adds one can also see, “…footage of Jamie being arrested upon his return to Lallbroch and his subsequent adventures with Lord John Grey.”

What else did you notice in the newly dropped trailer of Outlander Season 3? Sound off your thoughts in the comment section below.

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