As you probably already heard, Chinese smartphone manufacturer OUKITEL is reportedly working on a new budget flagship called OUKITEL U16 Max. Speculations are rife that the handset will boast a massive 6-inch display and come with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

OUKITEL U16 Max specs release date

Having already covered the possible specs of the U16 Max earlier this month, this time we dug around a bit to find out more about the software side of the handset. This is what we found:

According to the OUKITEL product team overseeing the development of the U16 Max, the device will retain most of the native features of Android Nougat. Sure, they will tweak a thing or two here and there to give it the trademark OUKOTEL look and feel, but most of the original features on Nougat will remain unaltered.

Going into the details, our sources told us that the U16 Max user interface will have the OUKOTEL traditional design, but will also offer an array of custom themes to choose from. As for app display, there will be a native app drawer, as well as the ability to put all the apps right on the desktop.

Here is a list of Android N features future OUKITEL U16 Max buyers may expect:

  • New funny emojis on Keyboard to offer more interesting conversation
  • improved humanized voice search
  • “Data saver”-to reduce data usage
  • “Daydream” change to “Screen saver”
  • Use two apps on screen at same time
  • Quick multi-tasking
  • Clear all recent apps button
  • Quick reply in notification bar
  • Quicker quick settings
  • Editable quick settings
  • Suggested settings
  • Bundled notifications
  • “Cancel “ button for downloading
  • Easier settings navigation
  • Keyboard shortcut helper
  • One hand mode
  • Guest mode
  • Parallel Space-log in two accounts
  • One hand FloatView
  • Float gesture
  • View two Chrome tabs

Worth noting, the U16 Max has been chosen as an Aliexpress exclusive at launch. So, if you are interested, stay tuned as we will have more interesting update as the launch date inches in.


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