OUKITEL has been consistently releasing smartphones with large-sized batteries. At the start of this month, the Chinese firm confirmed that the K10000 Pro having a monstrous 10,000mAh battery along with 12V/2A fast charging feature would be available for purchase by June. OUKITEL has not disclosed the price of the phone. In fact, it has started a new contest called “Guess the Answer to Win Gift” to get the phone at discounted price.

The contest which can be accessed through the official website starts from May 22 and will end on May 29. In the contest, participants are required to answer two questions. The first question is how long does it take to fully charge the mammoth 10,000mAh battery of K10000 Pro? and the second question is through reverse charging how many iPhone 7 Plus can be fully charged?

K10000-Pro-guess answer to win gift

OUKITEL wants the participants to guess the exact time needed to fully charge K10000 Pro along with the percentage of power. Contestants who manage to provide exact answers will be awarded free gift from the company. Even participants who come close to the exact answer will also be winning as the free gift will be given to 20 winners. Each contestant will be provided with three chances to guess the correct answer.

In order to know the accurate charging time, one need to know that the K6000 Plus also comes with 12V/2A fast charging feature. However, the K10000 Pro will require larger charging current than K6000 Plus. It means that charging time cannot be calculated be considering the charging time of K6000 Plus. Also, in order to simulate general usage, the charging time has to be guessed considering that the K10000 Pro is connected to Wi-Fi and has one SIM card inside it. However, none of the applications are used during charging. Here is the page to participate in the contest.

K10000 Pro subscription Buy OUKITEL K10000 Pro at half price activity

The K10000 Pro presale is approaching and it is carrying a retail price of $219 on the advance sale page of the company. However, during pre-orders, the company is expected to offer massive discounts. Those who subscribe to OUKITEL’s official site will get $40 coupon code and $30 gift bag for the phone. Also, 10 lucky subscribers will get a chance to get the phone for the half price of $109 on daily basis. The offer began on May 16 and it will end of May 31 which indicates that 160 lucky subscribers can K10000 Pro for half price. Another way to get the OUKITEK K10000 Pro at half price is through the official Facebook activity.


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