In the previous week, OUKITEL had launched an activity called “Guess-Answer-To-Win-Gift” to let its fans guess on the charging speed of K10000 Pro and also to reveal about its reverse charging feature. The questions received answers from thousands of OUKITEL fans. Since the OUKITEL K10000 Pro smartphone is now officially available online, the Chinese company has given out official answers to the two questions.

The first question was how long does it take for a 12V/2A flash charger to fully charge a massive 10,000mAh battery of K10000 Pro. The OUKITEL engineers have tested the charging speed with the latest software and with the device turned off. The testing revealed that a 12V/2A flash charger can completely charge 10,000mAh battery in just 2 hours and 20 minutes. Once fully charge, the K10000 Pro will remain on for several days.

OUKITEL engineers also tried charging with the phone turned on and with Wi-Fi connected and SIM card inserted. This can be seen in the above video. It reveals that the phone is charge to 55 percent battery capacity when it is charged for 1 hours and 20 minutes. At 2 hours and 20 minutes, it reaches 93 percent mark and additional 10 minutes of charging completely charges the 10,000mAh battery of OUKITEL K10000 Pro.

OUKITEL has also provided answer for the second question of how many iPhones can be charged by K10000 Pro. The answer cannot be derived by simple calculation of plus and minus because the K10000 Pro is also getting consumed while it charges other devices. The testing revealed that after completely charging the 2,910mAh battery of iPhone 7 Plus, the K10000 Pro was left with 48 percent battery juice.

The K10000 Pro ran out of battery power by charging the second iPhone 7 Plus to 93 percent. This shows the battery prowess of the OUKITEL K10000 Pro as it can be used a power bank.

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OUKITEL has started Guess-Answer-to-Win-Gift round two which involves two questions. The first question is how long the K10000 Pro will allow users to watch FHD videos stored on the phone with the volume and brightness set to medium setting. The second question how much power it will have after playing an hour of game on it. The time period to answer the question is between May 31 to June 6.