OUKITEL K10000 Max has been in the news since quite some time and it is slated to get announced in the next month. Since it is a smartphone that has been built for outdoor activities, the Chinese firm has conducted various tests such as underwater, lime water, cement water, water-based paint and so on in its laboratory. This shows that the K10000 Max not only promises amazing battery life but also come with a tough body.

While hiking, the environment is not always suitable for using a smartphone freely. There is a possibility of dropping the smartphone in sand, water or it may hit any hard structure like a stone or a rock. OUKITEL has yet again released a video that shows the smartphone sliding in a gully with stones everywhere. Checkout the video below to know the outdoor activities of the OUKITEL K10000 Max.

The smartphone can be seen surviving random drops and does not damage even if it comes in contact with running water. OUKITEL has revealed that the K10000 Max can stay protected from contact with dust and shock.

The OUKITEL K100000 Max will be coming with a 5.5-inch full HD display that is quite visible even under bright sunlight. It is powered by an octa-core chipset, 4 GB of RAM and internal storage of 64 GB. It will be featuring a 16-megapixel Samsung sensor that is coupled with a bright LED flash. The flashlight is bright enough to be used in dark environments. It features a huge 10,000mAh battery.

The OUKITEL K10000 Max is slated to go on sale in the next month.  The subscription of the smartphone has already started in the official site. Here is the link to register for the phone. All the customers who subscribers will be provided with a $50 coupon code. The Chinese firm is also providing the K10000 Max at half price to certain subscribers.


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