Earlier this year, OUKITEL had already hinted in some exhibitions that they are starting on a new 10000mAh smartphone named OUKITEL K10000 Max. This month, the project formally starts with surprising tri-proof features. As the name suggests, the new K10000 Max gets a 10000mAh massive battery, leading the big battery flagship. What’s more, the new K10000 Max is a real tri-proof smartphone designed for outdoor enthusiasts as it is waterproof, dust-proof and crash-proof besides offering long time use.

The video shows K10000 Max dropped in a fish tank and left in there for 30 minutes. It was then buried in the slurry for about 12 minutes – but both worked perfectly well. Though the model is still in engineering step, it already exhibits great water-proof and dust-proof capabilities. OUKITEL is working on K10000 Max to make it a true IP68 grade smartphone. In the near future, you can take the K10000 Max to swimming pool, to several meters below the sea and any other tough environment.

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OUKITEL has opened a page on its official website to accept the subscription for K10000 Max from this week. All subscribers will get $50 coupon code for ordering the new K10000 Max.