With the start of this week, OUKITEL began the pre-sale of the OUKITEL K3. In order to provide more benefits to its customers, the Chinese firm has started a new flash sale on its top 10 smartphones on GearBest.  The sale that started on August 29 will come to an end on Sept. 5. It allows customers to get an OUKITEL smartphone for as low as $59. Here are the details on the all discounts that are available during the flash sale for the 10 bestselling OUKITEL phones on the retailer site.

OUKITEL K10000 and K10000 Pro

Both smartphones are graced with 10,000mAh battery which makes the world’s biggest battery phones. During the flash sale, the K10000 Pro can be availed with a 18 percent discount price of $179 and the K10000 can be bought for $139.99 through a price cut of 18 percent.

OUKITEL K6000 Pro and K60000 Plus

The OUKITEL K6000 Pro and K6000 Plus are packed with 6,000mAh battery. Moreover, they are equipped with amazing mid-range specs along with impressive cameras. On GearBest, the current brand flash sale will allow users to avail the K6000 Plus for $169.99 after a massive discount of 27 percent. The K6000 can be bought for $138.99 with an 18 percent price cut.

OUKITEL U20 Plus and U22

These smartphones feature dual rear cameras along with impressive mid-range specs for smooth gaming experience. These phones are also designed to snap amazing selfies. They are already available with cheap pricing but now the U20 Plus can be purchased for $91 with 15 percent discount and the U22 is gettable for $69 only after a price cut of $20 percent.

OUKITEL U16 Max and U15S

Packed with large-sized screens and big memory, the U16 Max and U15S are phones that are built to impress. The OUKITEL U16 Max and U15 are available for $121.99 and $125.59 after respective discounts of 18 percent and 12 percent.

OUKITE C5 Pro and C5

OUKITEL C5 Pro and C5 are entry-level phones from the company that supports smooth multi-tasking. During the current GearBest flash, the C5 is the lowest priced OUKITEL phone with a price tag of $59 with a discount of 21 percent. The OUKITEL C5 Pro can be purchased for $69 with 19 percent discount.

What are you waiting for? Grab this good opportunity to get your favorite OUKITEL phone with an amazing low price.


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