In our previous article on The Originals Season 5, we had notified you about the then ongoing discussion on whether or not Niklaus Mikaelson aka Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline Forbes (Candice King) would be anything more than just friends. The viewers will be quite happy to know that they will reunite in the upcoming season.

The Originals Season 5
Photo Source: Facebook/The Originals

The upcoming episodes of The Originals Season 5 will show Rebekah (Claire Holt) asking for Caroline Forbes’ assistance ‘with an intervention of sorts.’ Caroline and Klaus crossed paths in Europe after Rebekah — unable to visit Klaus herself due to their magical predicament, International Business Times. Caroline will be seen to deliver an intervention of sorts to her ex after getting the order from Rebekah. Then she (Caroline) will fly off to Europe to have a discussion with Klaus. Although no one knows the cause of this intervention as it is still a mystery.

On the other hand, Julie Plec, the series creator shared more information about the highly expected reunion between Klaus and Caroline at the recent San Diego Comic Con. Plec said that Caroline has just got so much life in her. It seems their reunion is almost confirmed.

“She just brings the spirits up of people around her. There’s just something great about watching Caroline call Klaus on his s**t,” Plec  further said, as reported by TV Guide.

The hiatus is lasting for a long period and the information about the next season is coming out at a very slow speed. There is no confirmation whether or not she will be featured in more episodes of the upcoming season, but the avid viewers have a desire to see them (Caroline and Klaus) coming together again. What will be the consequence of their expected relationship is a mystery at the moment.

Fans expect The Originals Season 5 to hit the small screens anytime in 2018. Stay with us to get the latest spoilers and updates on the series.


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