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The Originals Series is the original entertainer of vampire hunt, erotic love, fancy creativity, sophisticated killings and a hopeful toddler embraced as Hope. A family of original vampires and one hybrid who have serious anger issues, the sexy, Klaus whose sins have been forgiven by plenty of girls in the whole world, have been facing a series of unexpected witchy and twisted fate. The show originally did not enjoy high ratings but soon garnered more fans than the sibling series, The Vampire Diaries.


Three seasons down, The Originals Season 4 have been awaited since a long time now. Many dates were assumed by the fans, but with no official release, fans stayed disappointed. And it seems they have to wait a little more, the previous air date which was around January 2017 has been pushed furthermore to March 2017. Many Vampire Diaries stars will be seen making a stop at New Orleans including Caroline, who would not enter as a “love interest” for Klaus. Alaric Saltzman will also be making an unscheduled stop in New Orleans, only for a brief appearance.

After a long quest, Nina Dobrev would be making a crossover as a doppelganger, not Elena, not Katherine, not Amara but as Tatia. Klaus, who made a sacrifice for his family will now be saved by the unnatural complications by his daughter, Hope, who now would be a grown-up. Hayley would be looking out for a cure to save the family. Well, The Originals has a lot to offer to its fans in the upcoming season. Stay in touch with us as we shall be updating this column for more information. Keep up!


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