If you are a fan of the Opera browser and use it as the primary browser on your Android smartphone or tablet, you should know that a new update has arrived for the app. The Opera browser APK has got updated to version 36.0.2126.101126 (build 1903610200). The latest Opera browser 36.0.2126.101126 APK is compatible with all Android 4.1+ devices and weighs 32.25 MB.

opera browser apk download

The new Opera browser APK update comes with a new tab selector and adds two new features called Webapp discoverability and web Bluetooth. We don’t yet know what these features are meant for, but we are still going through the update and will let you know if we find something. Meanwhile, the update allows you to upgrade to chromium 49, and there are stability improvements too.

The Opera browser APK version 36.0.2126.101126 is a beta release and isn’t available on the Play Store yet. Beta updates can sometimes be buggy and can cause minor issues like hanging, crashing, battery drainage, etc. But if you love Opera browser, then you’ve got to try this update. You can download Opera browser 36.0.2126.101126 APK from the source link mentioned below.


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