If you are anything like most internet users out there, odds are high you often want to know exactly how fast (or slow) your internet connection is operating at that point of time. Maybe you have already come across dozens of apps out there that let you know your internet speed in real-time. Today a new tool called Meteor has joined the ranks of all the free internet speed test tools.

So, what sets Meteor apart from rest of the competition, you ask?

Well, the folks over at OpenSignal — the organization that developed Meteor — claims that not only does their app show extreme efficiency when it comes to accurately gauging users’ internet speed, but it also looks pretty doing it.

OpenSignal Meteor Internet Speed Test app
Image by AndroidPolice.com

Note that Meteor is still in beta. However, despite the fact that the app will likely undergo a few changes here and there till a stable version is released, the existing version seems to be taking care of business without hitting too many bumps along the way.

You open the app, initiate the speed test, and it will throw a cool animation your way as the test unfolds in the background. At the bottom of your test result, there will be a list of apps with a near-accurate assessment of how good (or bad) they would work based on the performance of your connection.

Want further insight? Just tap on an app and see Meteor breaking down the key aspects that essentially determine its performance. (Although, that information is more or less redundant if your internet is offering a decent enough speed).

Finally, the dashboard allows you a sneak peek into various statistics related to your last test results, whereas the History tab keeps a record of your tests that can be accessed as a map.

You can download the Meteor speed-test app from Google Play Store.


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