OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei disclosed in an interview with USA Today that the next OnePlus handset would be outside prior to the conclusion of the year, maybe around Christmas time. The executive said that it might or might not be a higher spec’d model than the OnePlus 2 which means it could function as the rumored OnePlus miniature version. On the flip side, we’ve learned in regards to a cellphone known as the OnePlus X with a 1440 x 2560 display which could be a higher-spec’d variation of the recently launched OnePlus 2.

oneplus next phone, christmas time, launch, release date, rumorsThat isn’t the first time that we’ve learned about another OnePlus mobile being readied for launch in 2015. Back in April, we told you that the organization would offers a more affordable handset this year after the launch of the OnePlus 2. Carl Pei himself was quoted by Bloomberg as saying the second 2015 apparatus may be made to get a “different kind of audience, maybe for those that value design over specs.” Pei said that when he saw the image for next mobile, he needed it to be his daily driver, but when 2nd Gen OnePlus camer out, he changed his mind. He says it is quite difficult to choose which to use and both mobiles are fine.

Throughout the interview, Pei told the national paper that there will be room in the smartphone marketplace for three firms. He recorded OnePlus, Samsung and Apple saying the other firms will die off due to their inability to make big enough margins to sustain their company. That looks funny to listen to in the head of a firm recognized to offer its cellphones virtually at price, but Pei included that if individuals continue to support OnePlus’ products and adore the business, it’s unavoidable that business will grow rapidly and will make money.

Pei also answered critics who whined about the shortage of NFC support on the latest OnePlus phone. He explained that “Very few folks are using NFC, so we cut it. It is as easy as that.” He added that by the time NFC is extensively used, 12 to 18 months from now according to his calculations, individuals will be on to their next mobile.

Pei noted the business broke because of the low selling price of OnePlus One, however they managed to sell more than 1 million units of its first version. He explained that it is going to be a stretch to break even in 2015  as they have added lots of new workers. However, while there is discussion of internal goals inside OnePlus reaching 3 million to 5 million handsets in 2015, Pei says that it is more priority than sales that what consumers are saying in regards to the mobiles of the company.

And do not anticipate OnePlus to branch off into other products or tvs or wearables. He said that only by focusing on a single product, a company can make the most effective in any certain class, while Pei shown that OnePlus nearly branched into fitness trackers.


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