Earlier today, OnePlus made an announcement formally acknowledging that its USB Type-C cables and adapters may damage the external power sources. The question on reliability of OnePlus’s cable was raised a few weeks past, when Google engineer Benson Leung reviewed the USB Type-C cable and adapter that came with the OnePlus 2, finding that each of them use non-standard resistors which can cause injury to external power sources in some cases.

oneplus usb type c cable refundThe engineering downside, that is the adoption of a 10kΩ resistor rather than a 56kΩ one as nominal by the USB Type-C 1.1 standard, solely affects devices with fast-charging support. Basically, the non-standard resistor cannot stop fast-charging devices from drawing additional power from an external power supply than it supports, therefore doubtless damaging the power source. OnePlus conjointly aforesaid that it’s operating to unravel this downside with future revisions of the cable.

OnePlus says that its USB Type-C cable and adapter won’t produce any hassle as long as they’re getting used with their own smartphone OnePlus 2. Those who’ve procured the cable or the adapter individually can ask for a full refund by filling out the form on OnePlus’ website.


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