We all know the next flagship killer from OnePlus won’t be called OnePlus 4. OnePlus 5, the smartphone OnePlus is currently working on, will release sooner than later. Several reports and rumors have surfaced regarding what the upcoming flagship killer will offer in terms of specs and features. Reports have hinted at a front facing oval shaped fingerprint sensor. One of the teasers hints at OnePlus 5 coming with the dual camera. The dual camera setup is expected to be vertical. Latest camera samples leak hints at something phenomenal – OnePlus 5 is likely to come with a monochrome sensor.

oneplus 5-2

Leaked OnePlus 5 camera samples hint at a monochrome sensor

According to reports, a leaker has provided samples of photos taken with OnePlus 5. Although the report does not reveal the identity of the leaker, the leaked samples suggest that the OnePlus 5 is likely to sport a dual camera setup with a 16MP primary sensor with f/1.8 aperture. The leaker has also provided samples of a monochrome photo, suggesting that OnePlus 5 will come with monochrome sensor.

image source: true-tech.net

It looks like OnePlus has been collaborating with DxOMark to provide fans more info about the upcoming OnePlus 5 camera capabilities. From what we have gathered so far, it looks like OnePlus 5 camera will truly match the specs of a high-end premium smartphone with top-notch camera capabilities.

image source: true-tech.net

A detailed look at the leaked samples shows that the photographs are rich in detail, sharp and saturated. From the samples, it looks like OnePlus 5’s monochrome sensor may help the device capture additional details. These details, when merged with the original picture, will produce stunning pictures. However, not much info is available about the dynamic range.

OnePlus 5 vertical dual camera setup, which is also expected in the upcoming iPhone 8, is likely to come with additional capabilities for VR and 3D recording. It looks like nothing much will change when it comes to the fingerprint sensor, except for the shape. We must, however, mention that these leaks must be taken with a pinch of salt until the official specs are out.

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