OnePlus 3 vs. iPhone 6s: Fingerprint Recognition Speed Comparison

OnePlus recently launched the OnePlus 3, its latest flagship, and the smartphone has been very well received. The phone is selling quite well and is one of the best smartphones you can buy if you have a budget of around $400. Among all the other specs and features that it packs, the OnePlus 3 has got a very fast fingerprint scanner. And according to a video from China, the OnePlus 3 beats the Touch ID of the iPhone 6s.

oneplus 3 vs iphone 6s fingerprint recognition speed-compressed

In the OnePlus 3 vs. iPhone 6s fingerprint recognition speed comparison video below, you can clearly see that the OnePlus 3 is significantly faster than Apple’s current flagship iPhone. May it be from the standby screen with the display turned off or from the lock screen with the display turned on, the iPhone 6s is some significant milliseconds behind the OnePlus 3.

Just for the record, the iPhone 6s has got the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on its physical home button that can be pressed. But the Home button on the OnePlus 3 cannot be pressed as it is a touch capacitive button. Also, the fingerprint scanner speed on the OnePlus 3 is about 0.2s, while its predecessor OnePlus 2 could manage 0.36s.

Well, this is a lesson for Apple, and we hope that the iPhone 7 or perhaps the iPhone 8 gets a blazing fast (or fastest) fingerprint sensor.

  • jeffsters

    Do you follow Apple much? Do you have any technical background around Apple Products? First Apple isn’t trying to be fast….in fact iOS 10 will slow this process down as the speed today has been a user complaint as it renders the lock screen notifications ineffective. In iOS 10 you will need to press the home button then the fingerprint reader will activate. So Apple won’t be taking your advice but as users we don’t want them to.

    Lastly, Touch ID is feature rich across the entire OS and 3rd party apps. It’s also very secure encrypted in the hardware secure enclave. Did you ask how the OnePlus3 protects the fingerprint? Is there an API for 3rd party apps? Be nice to know and nice for you to have brought out. I mean an unencrypted fingerprint reader would be very fast right?

  • RF9

    It looked like they were all equally as fast. The iPhone screen fades in instead of jumping on to full brightness so there is a perception of it being slower, but for all intents and purposes they are all “instantaneous” by my observation.