With phones featuring improved structuring thanks to their metal unibody design, you do expect affordable flagships like OnePlus 3 to survive after being dropped from a significant height. However, what we did not expect to see was the smartphone managed to stay in working condition after being dropped from a height of 750 feet above the ground.

In order to test out the durability of the smartphone, OnePlus 3 was dropped by the company from an airplane that was hovering at a height of 750 feet. When the phone was dropped, it seemed to be working, as if a miracle saved it. However, it should be noted that the smartphone was dropped was on grass, giving it a softer landing and thus multiplying its odds for survival.

If the same thing would have happened had OnePlus 3 been dropped on solid concrete, there would probably be bits and chunks of the phone lying around the surrounding area. While we could say that OnePlus 3 is reinforced with Gorilla Glass 4 that would have contributed to its safety, Gorilla Glass 4 according to Corning can only protect mobile devices from a height of 1 meter.

OnePlus 3’s most unique features is its Dash Charge functionality. Despite the fact that the smartphone features a Snapdragon 820 and would have been compatible with Quick Charge 3.0, the company decided to form its own proprietary technology and with a current output of 4 amperes, the handset charges lightning fast. It is also the first 6GB RAM smartphone to feature a price tag of less than $500, ($399 is its official retail price), and its custom OxygenOS provides a near stock Android experience with a few additions here and there that will not get in your way when you’re navigating the corners of the operating system.