The much-awaited update for OnePlus 2 is finally here. OnePlus has started rolling out OxygenOS 3.1.0 update to OnePlus 2 users. The 2016 flagship killer is receiving an incremental update that includes the following changes, as posted in OnePlus forum

  • Fixed some notification issues
  • Improved Doze Mode performance
  • Added media sound toggle for alert slider
  • Addressed alert slider/silent mode issue
  • Implemented August 1 security patches for Android
  • Implemented Quadrooter patch
  • General bug fixes

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The incremental update brings August security patch, improves battery life, fixes notification issues and also offers general bug fixes. Most importantly, the update implements the Quadrooter patch. For those who are not aware, the Quadrooter refers to four undiscovered security vulnerabilities found in Android phones and tablets that run on Qualcomm chips. These vulnerabilities affected about 900 million devices, including the OnePlus 2. The vulnerability is quite serious because any hacker could potentially exploit Quadrooter to gain full access to any susceptible device. Patching this vulnerability has long been the need of the hour. Google had already released security fixes that addressed two of the detected vulnerabilities. Recently all the remaining vulnerabilities also received the fixes and it’s great that OnePlus 2 Oxygen OS 3.1.0 update implements the Quadrooter patch. OnePlus 2 users don’t have to worry about Quadrooter security vulnerabilities anymore.

OnePlus 2 users were expecting the update to add full VoLTE (Voice over LTE) functionality to the phone. But unfortunately, the update doesn’t mention anything about VoLTE.

Steps to install the OTA Update on your Android phone –

  1. Head to Settings -> System
  2. Tap on About Device.
  3. Tap on Download Updates Manually
  4. Tap OK. Then tap Start
  5.  Tap OK when prompted for the restart.

The OTA is being rolled out in phases. If you haven’t received the OTA yet, you may receive it in a week or two.


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