One Punch Man Season 2 was officially confirmed some time ago and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to know what the second season of this critically acclaimed series will feature.

Currently, there is no official word on what the story of One Punch Man Season 2 will be. However, after its announcement, many rumors and speculations came forward, which gave fans a hint at what they can expect to see in the second season. One thing which everyone is waiting to know is the secret behind the power of Saitama. Almost everyone is eagerly waiting to know how he became the Strongest superhero.

Saitama To Find A Big Challenge Soon 

As we all know, the reason behind the strength of Saitama is his extreme training and workout. However, than can’t be the only thing behind his super strength, right?

One Punch Man Season 2

At the start of One Punch Man’s first season, it was revealed that Saitama was an ordinary salaryman. What drove him into this superhero field was that he saved a child from a monster, and then decided to become stronger. He trained for three straight years and gained so much strength that he became indestructible. In other words, he became so strong that he could defeat any creature with just one punch. However, becoming strong was not a good thing for him as he later got bored. Why? because instead of enjoying the fight with his enemy, he would just knock it down with one punch.

At the end of season one, we got to see that Saitama was slowly losing interest in fighting because he couldn’t find a big challenge. Each and every enemy he faced was too weak for him. Now, rumors are that in One Punch Man Season 2, he will finally face someone who will be a challenge for him.

How Saitama Used To Train

100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, Run 10 kilometers per day with no air conditioner, these are the things you need to do in order to become the One Punch Man.

After training like this for three years, Saitama became a super human as he gained a lot of strength. He used to train while ignoring his limits, until he no longer had any limits. This also resulted in him losing his hair and becoming bald. However, the are speculations that his training isn’t the only thing behind his super strength. There is a far deeper story behind it. Maybe he lost someone close to him while he was training, which caused him to do something? All we can do now is wait and hope that the story behind his super strength gets revealed in One Punch Man Season 2.

One Punch Man Season 2

There was also a rumor claiming that Genos will become an enemy of Saitama. It is said that both will part ways at some point and will no longer share the bond of friendship when they meet.

One Punch Man Season 2 will be released in a few months. Let us know if you’re excited for it or not in the comments below.


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