One of the most highly anticipated anime series, One Punch Man is surrounded by speculations about its second seasons. While the fans are eagerly awaiting its follow-up seasons, there are rumors that the series might be cancelled. These rumors started doing rounds right after the conclusion of its first series in December last year.

It is now almost a year from the introduction of the series. However, no updates about the airing of its second seasons have been provided. The only relevant statement coming from anime illustrator Yasuke Murata was that they will try their best “to have its season 2.”

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Season one of the series was debuted in Japan on October 5, 2015 and the series consisted of 12 episodes. The anime was first aired on TV Tokyo, before being broadcast on TVQ, TVO, BS Japan and KBS. It also streamed on Niconico and Hulu. The series was also licensed to North America and the United Kingdom by Viz Media and Kaze UK respectively.

One Punch Man is based on eponymous webcomic series. The author of the comic is recognized by its pen name One. The plot revolves around a highly skilled fighter called Saitama who has the ability of knocking out his adversaries with just one punch.

Season one of the series saw Saitama defeating his most formidable opponent Lord Boros. While many fans believe that Lord Boros may make a comeback in the second season, it is also high likely that Saitama faces another strong opponent in the form of Garou, who is a former student of Fang-an. Garou is an expert of Fang’s Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist technique.

However, the chances of all this happening are slim as there is not even a single promotional effort made by the creators of the series.


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