One Punch Man season 2 concluded on December 20, 2015, and since then, fans of the critically acclaimed anime series have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. The previous season of the show was a big hit as it was filled with action. The unique and interesting storyline of the series is the very reason why fans are currently craving for more. Before September 2016, fans didn’t know exactly when the next season of their favorite series will arrive. In fact, they didn’t even know whether there will be another season or not. The silence of the creator and the studio led them to believe that the series has been cancelled. However, in the last week of September 2016, One Punch Man season 2 was officially confirmed.

One Punch Man Season 2

The official announcement did set the hype going for the second season, but at the same time, it gave birth to a lot of rumors regarding what the next season of One Punch Man is going to feature. Recently, it was rumored that Saitama is going to get defeated for the very first time in One Punch Man season 2. Along with this, the bald hero is also said to fall in love in the upcoming season.

Lord Boros To Defeat Saitama In One Punch Man Season 2

Rumor is that Lord Boros is going to defeat Saitama in One Punch Man season 2. Avid fans of the series know that Lord Boros was the main villain of season 1 and Saitama previously managed to defeat him. However, the latter will be looking for revenge now and he will do almost anything to defeat Saitama. It is said that Lord Boros will either face an already weekend Saitama, or he will find out his source of power. It will be without any doubt, interesting to see how Lord Boros will manage to take the bald hero down.

Saitama To Fall In Love In One Punch Man Season 2

Along with this, Saitama is also expected to fall in love in One Punch Man season 2. He is said to get himself into a love triangle, which will later become a big problem for him. We all know that there aren’t many female characters in the series and Saitama currently has no interest in any of them. So fans can definitely expect to see some new characters in the next season of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date 

One Punch Man season 2 is currently expected to arrive in July 2017. However, that will happen only if the studio follows the release schedule of season 1, which was premiered in July 2015.

Let us know if you’re excited for One Punch Man season 2 or not in the comments below.

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  • SkullMonkey

    do you guys not read the manga…. none of that crap is going to happen. There’s no love story and no there isn’t going to be anyone who beats saitama. Both of those events would run 100% counter to the theme, backbone and struggle of the main protagonist. If either of those things happened Saitama’s story would be over.

    His struggle to find meaning with this overwhelming power is the entire narrative of the story.

    PLUS There is TONS of story in both the original series by “One” as well as the refined Manga version that have yet to happen. At least 1 – 2 seasons worth of content.

    and I can tell you that None of the “rumors” mentioned above occur in those pages. It would be stupid if they did.

    • Suicunesol

      Well, the problem here is that Yuusuke Murata’s adaptation doesn’t have anywhere near enough content for another season of One-Punch. The studio would have to adapt One’s version which is waaaaay ahead. I’m totally fine with that, but because the studio seems to favor Yuusuke’s manga, there’s no telling what’s going to happen.

      The anime studio may very well introduce original content. I’d be pretty disappointed to see Boros, though. He was thoroughly defeated at the end of season 1, and he never appears again.