Since December 2015, the month in which One Punch Man season 1 concluded, fans have been wondering what awaits next in Saitama’s adventures. There have been rumors going around regarding the next season of the show. Some claim that Saitama will fall in love, some claim that he will learn new skills, while some claim that he will get defeated for the first time. Currently, EnStarz reports that Saitama will kneel before Lord Boros in One Punch Man season 2.

Saitama To Kneel Before Lord Boros In One Punch Man Season 2

Rumor is that Saitama will face Lord Boros in One Punch Man season 2. Avid fans of the series know that Saitama previously managed to defeat him in the first season, and the latter will now seek revenge in the second season. Saitama is currently expected to lose all of his powers while fighting Boros. The current reason behind him losing his powers is unknown, but it has something to do with a trick Boros will have up his sleeves. Having no power to stand up, Saitama will have to kneel before him, and Boros will then get the revenge he desired for. But Saitama will most probably get back up on his feet because he isn’t expected to get defeated by him.

One Punch Man Season 2


With this being said, fans can also expect to see some new other stuff in the upcoming season of One Punch Man. Saitama will most probably get himself into some serious trouble this time, and it will be interesting to see how he will handle all of it.

When Will One Punch Man Season 2 Arrive

If EnStarz is to be believed, then we will see One Punch Man season 2 sometime in mid-2017. Whatever the case is, the wait will be definitely worth it.

  • cJinL

    Everything in this article is bullshit. Just so everyone knows.

  • Vic Romano

    It’s possible, just possible, that season 2 will follow the storyline of the manga. Maybe, i’m just spit balling here, rather than write a whole new plot line (like saitama fighting the very dead lord boros again) it will follow the already established Garou arc? The one that was name dropped in episode 11 and is already completed in the webcomic.