One Punch Man, the Japanese anime series based on the webcomic created by One, revolves around Saitama – a superhero who has grown bored as he has become so powerful that all his battles end in a single punch. The first season of the anime has received critical acclaim, praise for its animation quality, visuals and the overall story. The latest installments of the anime show continue to receive an overwhelming response.

One Punch Man Season 2

One Punch Man Chapters 113, 114 spoilers

The latest chapters in anime series One Punch Man focus on the ongoing fight between Suiryu and Gouketsu. Viewers also get to see the rise of Monster Association, leading eventually to the birth of new arc, the Monster Association Arc. As the last episode showed, Suiryu and Gouketsu thought Bakuzan had died after swallowing monster cells. But Bakuzan isn’t dead – he’s now a mutated monster.

Bakuzan is heavily disappointed that Suiryu tried to escape from a battle. In a fit of rage, he thrashes Suiryu until he falls unconscious. Meanwhile, Gouketsu interrupts Bakuzan’s damage spree and asks him to accompany him to the Monster Association. Furious over Gouketsu issuing orders to him, Bakuzan provokes him with random attacks, which Gouketsu brushes aside with just one hand.

one punch man season 2

In Chapter 114, Gouketsu convinces Bakuzan to put a hard stop to his rampage, but not before showing him his true strength. Gouketsu reveals to Bakuzan that even though they are both strong, the head of the Monster Association – Monster King Orochi – is the strongest of them all and that it would be nearly impossible to defeat him. The Monster Association’s purpose, with its many mysterious powerful monsters, remains unknown. The future episodes will likely cast more light on the Monster Association and the reason for its existence.

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