After Xiaomi, now hard luck turns to One Plus to face crisis in India. Earlier we told you about Delhi High Court’s Ex Parte Order by which Xiaomi banned (temporarily resolved) to import and sell products in India. Now One Plus has been banned with the same notice. They are not allowed to further import and sell products in India.

The Micromax has lodged a complaint against One Plus for importing handsets with CyanogenMod while Micromax is already having a deal with Cyanogen in India.

one plus gets banned, Micromax, Cyanogen, violations, India
One Plus with cyanogen mod

One Plus is selling their handsets running with Cyanogen and logo embedded back side.  According to Micromax, it is clearly violation of their exclusive deal, hence they moved to  Court. According to reports, Delhi High Court has issued an order to One Plus for not to  import and sell products in India. However, they are allowed to sell available stock.

We’ve heard earlier, that the organization is working on their own Android ROM, that was  anticipated to be made accessible by this month end. Following this prohibition, the  organization must expedite its work with the ROM if it means to continue selling mobiles  in India.

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