The last few chapters of One Piece have been really interesting, emotional and disheartening at the same time. Fans were able to see what Sanji and Luffy had to go through to protect their friendship.

Currently, Luffy is trying everything he can to bring Sanji back to his crew and to save him from the hands of Big Mom. However, Sanji isn’t willing to go back because of various reasons. The two of them clashed because of this, in which Luffy got beaten up pretty bad because of the reason that he didn’t fight back.

One Piece Past Few Chapters Recap

When Luffy tried to stop Sanji from going to the wedding, Sanji got furious and attacked Luffy. His first attack landed right on Luffy’s face, which terribly shocked Nami. After seeing that Luffy won’t leave so easily, Sanji decided to go all out on him. At first, he used his signature attack, Diable Jambe on him. And after only a few minutes, Sanji delivered one of his most powerful attacks, which made Luffy fall on the ground.

Afterwards, Sanji took a deep breath and started heading towards the carriage he was traveling in. Nami got upset because of this and ran towards Sanji. She then slapped him with disgust. Sanji ignored it and got into his carriage and told the driver to move forward. Just when the carriage started moving, Luffy got on his knees and yelled Sanji’s name. He told him that he was the one getting kicked but not the one feeling the pain. He said that he won’t move a muscle from this place until Sanji comes back for him and won’t eat anything unless it is cooked by Sanji. At last, he stated that he can’t become the Pirate King without him (Sanji).

One Piece

What Luffy said made Sanji emotional and he started crying. This pretty much showcased that Sanji didn’t kick Luffy from his heart, but because he didn’t have a choice. His brothers started laughing at him, while his sister asked him if he wants to take a short break or not. As this happened, the Vinsmoke family finally arrived at the place where the wedding will take place. Big Mom welcomed them and then discussed their alliance. Lady Pudding, the very person who will become the bride of Sanji told him that they need to talk in private.

Sanji told Pudding that he is suffering a lot because of this and he will continue with the wedding just to save his friends. On the other hand, the army of Big Mom reached Luffy and they started attacking him.

Sanji To Go On With The Wedding And Marry Lady Pudding 

Now, because of what Sanji said to Pudding, there is a big chance that he won’t go back and join the Straw Hat Pirates. Currently, his father has threatened to kill his old master Zeff if he escapes from the wedding, and there is a chance that he will end the lives of the remaining Straw Hat pirates too. So Sanji will have to marry Lady Pudding just to save his friends. And this is a sacrifice he is willing to make.

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