The previous few chapters of One Piece have been really exciting as they revealed a lot of important stuff. The chapters focused on how Sanji managed to reunite with his captain and how Luffy formed an alliance with Gang Bege. What caught our attention was that the Yonko, Big Mom was able to make herself huge by changing her size, which surprised almost every fan. Now, because of what happened, many fans currently believe that they will soon see an arc which will focus on the giants.

One Piece Elbaf Arc Coming Soon? 

Recently, iTechPost reported that the previous chapter of One Piece has kind of hinted an upcoming arc, which is said to focus on the giants. According to the publication, one of One Piece’s upcoming arc is Elbaf Arc. Elbaf is the strongest kingdom in One Piece. Its location is currently unknown, but it is located somewhere in the second half of the Grand Line, the New World. Elbaf is a kingdom where giants live. This is the very reason why it is regarded as the strongest kingdom as the strength of its army is exceptional.

Big Mom’s Thirst For Strength 

The Yonko, Big Mom has always wanted to form an alliance with the giants to increase her strength. She was even so close to achieving that goal when her daughter, Lola got engaged with the prince of Elbaf, Loki. However, as Lola wasn’t happy with the engagement and had no feelings towards Loki, she ran away. This is the very reason why Big Mom hates her so much. Though it is yet to be revealed why all of the giants hate Big Mom so much. Maybe it had something to do with Loki and Lola’s engagement.

One Piece

Currently, Big Mom is trying to get Germa under her control. Her thirst for strength and power will never end, and getting  Germa under her control will definitely increase her reputation. For those who don’t know, Germa is the kingdom ruled by Vinsmokes. The kingdom is known for having one of the strongest armies in the world. Big Mom is planning to slaughter the entire Vinsmoke family after the wedding ends so she can acquire Germa. However, it seems that her plan won’t work as Luffy and Sanji are currently aware of what she is planning to do, and the two will try their best to save Sanji’s family from getting killed.

Let us know if you want to see the Elbaf Arc or not in the comments below.


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