One Piece is currently one of the most popular Anime and Manga series out there. The series started way back in 1997, and since then, fans have been following Luffy’s adventures. The creator of the series, Eiichiro Oda is trying his best to keep fans entertained, and well, he is doing it very well. As the series started more than 10 years ago, there are now many rumors claiming that One Piece manga series will end soon.

One Piece Manga Ending Soon?

Oda is still creating new chapters of Manga on weekly basis. However, he has been very busy in the past few weeks. The One Piece Manga ending thing still confuses fans, but rumor is that Oda’s busy schedule will force him to end the Manga series soon.

One Piece

However, there is no word from the creator of Manga himself whether the series is ending or not, so we don’t know if it is ending soon or not. Even one of the editors of One Piece Manga series recently gave him the title, “Die for One Piece.” What this means is that Eiichiro Oda basically lives for One Piece. He has dedicated his life towards the series. Several writers claimed that Oda stays up the whole night so he can discover more story arcs for the series and he wakes up early to write them. So you can basically say that he lives and dies for One Piece, nothing else. And his love and dedication towards the series is the very reason why One Piece is one of the best series out there.

One Piece Future Manga Spoilers

Along with this, whether the Manga series is going to end soon or not, we have some spoilers regarding the future of the Manga. It is said that the Big Mom arc will end soon as Luffy has already defeated Cracker, and has managed to meet up with Sanji. However, rumors are that Sanji will have a difficult time while trying to escape.

As Luffy has managed to defeat Cracker, Big Mom will most probably send more of her soldiers to hunt Luffy down. Cracker was one of the most powerful soldiers Big Mom had, so she might send someone even stronger now. Big Mom is already mad at Cracker for not defeating Luffy, so he won’t make a come back.

One Piece

It is rumored that during a battle with one of Big Mom’s soldiers, Luffy will reunite with Chopper and Carrot. And while Luffy and the others are trying to save Sanji from the hands of Big Mom, a sudden twist will take place. The twist is that Sanji might consider marrying Lady Pudding and staying on Whole Cake Island.

When Luffy will finally reach Sanji, he might say that he wants to stay on the Whole Cake Island and marry Lady Pudding. He will further state that he isn’t sure whether he want’s to come back and become a Straw Hat Pirate again or not. The reason behind this maybe the fact that his father threatened to kill his old master Zeff if he escapes. Or who knows, Big Mom might have threatened to kill Luffy if he escapes. Whatever the reason will be, Luffy won’t buy anything because all he want is to bring Sanji back to his crew. And he might do it by force too.

One Piece

One Piece manga will continue to surprise fans with exciting new stuff. Currently, the manga is revolving around the family of Sanji and his fate. We might even get to see a clash between the Vinsmokes and the Big Mom pirates. So the wedding will kind of turn into a battlefield.

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