The past few chapters of One Piece have been really interesting as a lot of surprising events took place in them. Sanji decided to leave everything behind to join his friends. Later on, he finally reunited with Luffy and the two are currently planning to crash the arranged wedding of Sanji to save his family from getting slaughtered by Big Mom. Along with this, the last chapter of One Piece revealed something really exciting. Luffy and Gang Bege have finally decided to team up against Big Mom.

Luffy And Bege Team Up Against Big Mom 

After seeing that they are currently no match for Big Mom and her army, Jinbe told Luffy that he should meet up with Gang Bege and team up with him. Fans were surely surprised when they found that one of Big Moms followers, Bege was actually trying to take her down from the start. As Bege is head of security of the wedding that is about to take place, teaming up with him will be advantageous for Luffy. As for Bege, he will find a way to take off Big Mom’s head to increase his reputation. Bege is well-known for killing leaders of various organizations throughout the grand line, so he will stop at nothing. However, Luffy will have to keep an eye on Bege all the time because the captain of the Firetank Pirates can’t be trusted.

One Piece

Big Mom Finds About Luffy And Bege’s Alliance? 

After an alliance between Luffy and Gang Bege has been formed, many fans are currently wondering whether Big Mom will find out about their alliance or not. The creator of the series, Eiichiro Oda has always surprised fans and left them speechless, so fans can expect to see some sudden change of events when Luffy and Sanji try to stop the wedding. Rumor is that Big Mom will soon learn about what Luffy and Sanji are planning to do. She will find out that they are trying to save the Vinsmoke Family by crashing the wedding. She will even discover that Bege has teamed up with Luffy to take her down.

Will The Alliance Succeed? 

Big Mom finding about Luffy and Bege’s alliance won’t be surprising considering the fact that she isn’t a Yonko for nothing. Pekoms previously claimed that they shouldn’t underestimate Big Mom as she is really powerful and is full of surprises. However, if the alliance succeeds, then Luffy and Sanji will manage to save the Vinsmoke Family, while Bege will get to take the head of Big Mom.

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