One Piece Episode 778 Recap: Carrot Joins Sanji’s Retrieval Team

One Piece episode 778 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next episode to arrive. In the previous episode, Carrot went abroad the Thousand Sunny, which was currently heading towards the Whole Cake Island. The Sanji retrieval team, consisting of Luffy and his comrades were on their way to save Sanji from getting married.

One Piece Episode 778

For those who don’t know, Carrot is one of the musketeers serving under the Dukes of Zou. She is also the bunny of the Mink people. However, she might seem to be a small and weak little thing, but is actually a lot stronger than she looks as she has electro powers that can defeat a much bigger enemy. Luffy and the others found her on their ship while she was travelling secretly on the Thousand Sunny.

One Piece Episode 778 Recap 

Carrot managed to convince the team to let her travel with them to the Whole Cake Island. However, she and Luffy didn’t have a good start at that time. While Carrot was convincing Luffy to let her travel with them, Luffy started to eat her carrot. When she saw him doing such a thing, the rabbit attacked Luffy and almost killed him. However, Luffy was saved because of Nami.

Carrot Almost Kills Luffy

When Carrot saw Luffy eating her carrot, the latter attacked him and started to bite his neck. However, Nami told Luffy to pat her head to calm her down, which eventually worked. The musketeer released Luffy’s neck after feeling the pat on her head, and Luffy told her that she could have killed him while Carrot just laughed.

Narratives Of Other Characters Showcased In One Piece Episode 778

The episode further focused on what is happening around the world. It first showed the Alabasta and Fishman island. It even showcased a remake of the Drum Island arc, and explored the sad back story of Chopper, which involved the death of his mentor, Dr. Hiriluk. Wapol, the former kind of Drum Island, was also featured in the said episode. He was seen preparing himself to represent his new country, Evil Black Drum. The episode presented the story of Wapol from the manga in a really good way. It later showcases what some other characters are doing, who fans haven’t seen for a while.

One Piece Episode 779 Release Date 

The next episode of One Piece, episode 779 is titled as “Kaido Returns! An Imminent Threat to the Worst Generation!” and is currently scheduled to release on March 5, 2017. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.