“One Piece” Chapter 871 spoilers are adrift indicating that Vinsmokes and the Alliance will join hands so that they can protect themselves from the wrath of Big Mom. The previous chapters revealed how the launcher attack on Big Mom by the Luffy’s Pirates and the Alliance failed. Now, the Yonku pirate is back to attacking and her pirates too have managed to break down the attack of the alliance.

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Action-Packed ‘One Piece’ Chapter 871 Predicted

The fight has already begun in the last two chapters and the Alliance in a bid to save them took shelter in the humanoid castle form of Capone Bege. However, the Yonku Pirates’ soldiers managed to almost half-destroy the castle making the Alliance pirates vulnerable.

According to The Christian Post, Caesar Clown was never happy with the decision of Bege to turn into the castle to help the Alliance pirates. He felt that it made both the Alliance and Bege vulnerable to the attacks of Big Mom. And exactly the same thing is happening now.

One Piece Chapter 871
One Piece Manga Series

The source speculates that in the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 871, Capone Bege will be back to the normal form even though the Vinsmokes and the Alliance pirates are trapped in the castle.

Caesar Clown To Fly Away Alliance Pirates  

After Bege now it is time for Clown to help the Alliance Pirates and Vinsmokes. He will be helping the group by flying them out of the castle thereby protecting them from the attack of Big Mom. However, this will not surely save all of them from the wrath of Big Mom who is now angry and in a very destructive mood.

The “One Piece” Chapter 871 spoilers suggest that Vinsmokes and Alliance will find out a way to stall the attack of Big Mom. According to Inquisitr, the Sun Pirates may try a surprise attack to distract the attention of Big Mom and help the Alliance escape. The speculations also suggest that Judge Vinsmoke will try to come up with an innovative technology to destroy Big Mom and her pirates.


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