“One Piece” Chapter 868 spoilers and speculations suggest that the upcoming episode will focus on Big Mom, her assassination plot and how she acquired the power of Devil Fruit. The previous chapters revealed the past of Big Mom, her association with the Holy Mother and even the deceitful nature of the latter.

Check out speculations related to “One Piece” Chapter 868.

‘One Piece’ Chapter 867 Recap And More

The last chapter was entirely focused on the past of Linlin aka Big Mom revealing how the young girl of 10 years was abandoned by her parents and given shelter by the Mother Caramel who is also known as Holy Mother.

Two chapters before “One Piece” Chapter 867 the joint team of the Fire Tank and the Straw Hats Pirates started their attack as planned so that they could defeat and kill the invincible Big Mom, reports The Christian Post.

One Piece Chapter 868
‘One Piece’ Chapter 868: Did Big Mom Acquire Devil Fruit Powers By Eating Mother Caramel?

In the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 868 the scene will once again shift to the assassination plan of Big Mom and what exactly happens after she shrieks loudly finding that the portrait of Mother Caramel has been shattered by Brook.

Now the plan is to kill Big Mom when she is at her vulnerable most. And this is the right moment as saddened by the portrait’s shattering the gigantic Yonkou pirate drops on her knees and screams unnaturally loudly.

Bege now gears up to chop the head of Big Mom as she is drowned in sorrow. Although it looks very simple, fans are not sure whether he will succeed as there is a strong possibility that she will once again react and go on a deadly rampage in “One Piece” Chapter 868.

Did Big Mom Killed Mother Caramel?

According to Inquisitr, it is most likely that young Linlin ate Mother Caramel when she lost herself while eating the special dessert created by the Holy Mother for her birthday party. Speculations suggest that Big Mom thus acquired the Devil Fruit power by eating Mother Caramel. However, one theory also indicates that the Youkou pirate acquired it much later through a respawned fruit.

“One Piece” Chapter 868 will reveal answers to all these queries and much more.

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