“One Piece” Chapter 865 spoilers indicate that the fate of Luffy and Bege’s team will be finally decided now they are face-to-face in a fight with Big Mom. The mother of Pudding has now realized who her opponents are and now everyone is just eager to find out how she will react to the overall situation.

Big Mom is known for her power and shrewdness and is certainly not used to defeat. But in the previous chapters, the team of Luffy and Bege ensured that the wedding plans of Sanji and Pudding do not come true. What’s more, Brook also shatters the most favorite heirloom. So how will Big Mom react?

Big Mom Becomes Vulnerable

“One Piece” Chapter 865 is certainly going to reveal what most of the fans have been waiting to hear since long. Fans will get to learn about the fate of Bege and Luffy’s camp after the precious picture shattered, reports The Christian Post.

One Piece Chapter 865

The previous chapter revealed that Brook shatters the picture which a favorite of the Big Mom. However, there was no reaction from the latter which is quite surprising to the viewers. Everyone is waiting to hear Big Mom shriek now that she has become vulnerable to the attacks around her.

Will Big Mom plan something shocking that will seriously affect the crew of Bege and Luffy in “One Piece” Chapter 865? Fans are just wondering about the fate of their favorite Straw Hat Pirates team as it is not easy to defeat Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 865

However, speculations indicate that the upcoming chapter will definitely display the much-awaited defeat of Big Mom. And the possibilities are strong as both Luffy and Bege have cooked up a complicated and dangerous plan to beat her.

Will Big Mom React In ‘One Piece’ Chapter 865?

Although fans want to see the fight between Big Mom and her opponents to be shown in the upcoming episode, there is a strong possibility that it may take at least one more episode for it to take place. According to Christian Today, the delayed reaction of Big Mom is only due to shock.

However, you can expect her to get back to her aggressive self once she regains her composure in the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 865.

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