“One Piece” Chapter 864 spoilers indicate that Big Mom will be outraged now that her much-loved portrait of Mother Caramel has been shattered by Brook. Although it seems that things are right now working in favor of Luffy and his gang of Straw Hat Pirates, the Sweet Commander will surely come back with full force to take the revenge.

‘One Piece’ Chapter 863 Recap And More

In the previous episode, Luffy and his team manage to destroy the wedding plans of Sanji and Pudding. Luffy even asks to place the mirror of Brulee inside the wedding cake, reports Korea Portal. Even though before the wedding ceremony Pudding was determined to kill Sanji, her heart changes after the latter appreciates her third-eye.

One Piece Chapter 864

It turns Pudding against her mother, the Big Mom and she turns animals into copies of the Straw Hat Captain as requested by Luffy.  In “One Piece” Chapter 864 the focus will be on the mood of Big Mom who is very angry now that all her plans have been demolished.

Apart from the chaos at the wedding of Sanji and Pudding, the shattering of the Mother Caramel’s portrait has enraged Big Mom the most.

Will Big Mom Go After Brook In ‘One Piece’ Chapter 864?

It is quite possible that the mother of Pudding will first target Brook as he was the one who shattered the portrait with a hammer.  According to latest reports, the shattering of the portrait will also have an impact on the plan of Luffy and Capone. One of the speculations also suggests that Jinbei may die in the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 864.

It is quite possible that Big Mom may even come up with a plan to assassinate the Vinsmoke clan, reports The Christian Post. However, other speculations indicate that she may let her guard down during the fight in front of Capone who will not hesitate to cut her head in “One Piece” Chapter 864.

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