One Piece chapter 862 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. The previous chapter was a rather interesting one as Big Mom tried to assassinate Sanji, but failed. Even Commander Katakuri failed to shoot the groom in time. Lady Pudding, on the other hand, had a sudden change of thoughts. At the end of the chapter, Luffy jumped out of the cake. Not only this, but multiple clones of Luffy jumped out with him. And now, Sanji is said to go against Commander Katakuri in the next chapter.

So without any further due, here is what happened in the previous chapter along with what is expected to happen in One Piece chapter 863.

One Piece Chapter 862 Recap 

In One Piece chapter 862, the wedding ceremony of Sanji and Lady Pudding finally begin. Pudding couldn’t wait to end the life of the groom, but something suddenly changed her mind. Before the two were about to get married, Pudding showed Sanji her third eye and was expecting him to get shocked and scared after seeing it. However, Pudding was surely surprised after seeing Sanji’s reaction upon seeing her third eye. Instead of getting terrified from it, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates complimented her because of her third eye and called it beautiful. This made Pudding break down in tears as she received a compliment she had never ever received before.

One Piece Chapter 863

Pudding told Sanji that she has been always bullied because of her third eye. She further revealed that even her own mother, Big Mom used to hate her because of her third eye and she was even scared of her. Because of this, she had to hide her third eye in her hair. But Sanji comforted her and told her it’s beautiful. Pudding was determined to kill Sanji from the start, but because of what the latter said to her, she began to have second thoughts. Upon seeing that Pudding is currently crying and won’t pull off the job, Big Mom ordered the priest to kill Sanji. However, Sanji managed to dodge his attack. Commander Katakuri then decided to shoot Sanji, but Sanji dodged again thanks to his Observation Haki. What Katakuri did serve as a signal for the Straw Hat Pirates, and Luffy then jumped out of the cake with multiple clones of him.

Sanji And Katakuri To Go Against Each Other In One Piece Chapter 863

Now, in the next chapter of One Piece, Sanji and Commander Katakuri are said to fight each other. Katakuri isn’t an ordinary fighter, so it will be exciting to see how Sanji will manage to fight him. Along with this, the next chapter will hopefully reveal what Lady Pudding is further planning to do. Will she snap out of her thoughts and again try to take Sanji down? Or will she help him escape?

One Piece Chapter 863 Release Date 

One Piece chapter 863 will be released sometime in the next week. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.


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