The past few chapters of One Piece have been really interesting as Sanji finally reunited with his captain after he realized how important his friends are. Sanji finally expressed his true feelings when Luffy told him to quit playing around and just tell him how he truly feels. When asked by Luffy whether he wants to return or not, Sanji, with tears in his eyes, said: “I wanna go back home to Sunny!”

One Piece Chapter 857

Now, after reuniting, Luffy and Sanji have finally made the decision to wreck the wedding that will soon take place on the Whole Cake Island. They are currently said to execute their plan in the next chapter, where they are expected to get help from their allies. One Piece chapter 857 might turn the Whole Cake Island into a battlefield.

Jinbe To Reveal The Deadly Plot In One Piece Chapter 857

In the previous chapter, Jinbe talked about a plot that will turn the wedding of Sanji into a violent bloodbath. Jinbe started this topic in the Mirror World, but he didn’t get the chance to fully explain it to them. What we know so far about is that the plan almost killed Pekoms, but Jinbe arrived in time to save him.

One Piece Chapter 857

Jinbe did tell the Straw Hats and Pedro that Pekoms is okay, but he told them that they won’t be if they don’t think quick and create a plan to stop the wedding. So in One Piece chapter 857, Jinbe is expected to tell the Straw Hats what the plot is. As for now, we currently don’t know what is it and who is behind it, but fans are currently believing that it has something to do with Bobbin getting shot by the three shadowed figures.

Something Big To Happen In One Piece Chapter 857

On the other hand, the Vinsmoke family is currently unaware about what Big Mom is planning to do. The wedding they are about to attend might turn out to be their place of death. However, there is still some time left for Sanji and Luffy to go and warn them and to update them on the current situation. However, as the Vinsmoke family considers the Straw Hat pirates enemies, the chances for them to believe them are low. Whatever the case is, whether they believe them or not, something big is about to go down in One Piece chapter 857.

One Piece Chapter 857 Release Date 

One Piece chapter 857 will arrive sometime during the next week. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.


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