One Piece chapter 846 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. As expected, in the previous chapter, Luffy got captured by the Big Mom Pirates.

Here is a short recap of One Piece chapter 846 and spoilers of chapter 847.

One Piece Chapter 846 Recap

After departing from the place where the wedding will take place, Big Mom’s army reached Luffy in only a few minutes. Once they confronted him, they started attacking him brutally. Although they were many in numbers, but Nami was able to take them down using her Lightning Bolt. However, her attack wasn’t enough to take down Big Mom’s children, as they are stronger than ordinary soldiers.

Big Mom’s children then came forward and started attacking Luffy. Luffy was already in a bad state, thanks to Sanji, so he wasn’t able to hold them back for long. Nami was also no match for them, so they were pretty much hopeless against them. The children then attacked Luffy together and managed to give him one hell of a beating. They later found out that Nami had Big Mom’s Vivre card and got furious after thinking that she stole it. However, she then told them that it was given to her by no one other than Lola, one of Big Mom’s daughter. The army then decided to take Luffy and Nami back to Big Mom, who is eagerly waiting to meet them.

One Piece Chapter 847

On the other hand, Sanji heard about Luffy and Nami getting captured by the Big Mom Pirates, so he requested Big Mom to spare the life of his friends. Big Mom promised him that she will let his friends go only if he goes on with the wedding without creating any problems. Sanji then confidently stated that he will marry her daughter and will make Lady Pudding the happiest girl alive.

Now, as Luffy and Nami are currently captured and Sanji has no choice left, rumor is that Red Haired Shanks will come to their aid. Shanks has already made some appearances at the most unexpected moments, so this won’t be surprising. Along with this, Dragon is also expected to make an appearance soon as his current whereabout is unknown. Maybe Big Mom has something which the Revolutionary Army wants.

One Piece chapter 847 will be released sometime in this week. The chapter will focus on how the Straw Hat pirates will manage to escape from the hands of Big Mom.

Let us know if you’re excited for One Piece chapter 847 or not in the comments below.


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