One Piece chapter 844 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. The last chapter was definitely one of the most heart breaking chapters of One Piece, as it showcased the pain Sanji felt while arguing with Luffy. Currently, Luffy is trying to bring back Sanji to his crew, while Sanji is trying to avoid him.

So without any further due, here is a short recap of One Piece chapter 844 and spoilers of chapter 845. Keep in mind that the following recap contains major spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

One Piece Chapter 844 Recap

One Piece chapter 844 starts right from where Sanji and Luffy clashed. After Luffy finally caught up with him, Sanji gets shocked to see him. However, Sanji cannot act friendly with Luffy in front of his family because of various reasons, so he kicks him away from the carriage he’s travelling in.

Sanji then tells Luffy that he is a prince of Germa Kingdom and has no interest in joining them again to just become a low life sea thug. He further states that Luffy and Nami have wasted their time by coming for him, as his answer is a big no. Sanji continues to yell at Luffy, while he just stands there and listens to it.

One Piece Chapter 845

After seeing that Luffy won’t leave him alone so easily, Sanji gets out of his carriage and attacks him with his signature attack, Diable Jambe. His kick lands right on Luffy’s face and it sends him flying away. However, Luffy gets up and tells him that this was nothing. This makes Sanji furious and he then attacks him again and again, but Luffy doesn’t fight back. In fact, Luffy doesn’t even dodge his attack.

Sanji Kicks Luffy 

While attacking Luffy, Sanji remembers the moment when Luffy asked him to become his friend and join his pirate crew. Nami then tries to stop Sanji by telling him why they came here and how Luffy was busy with Cracker all night. Luffy then yells at Nami and tells her to stop whatever she is saying. He tells her that whatever Sanji does, he’s fine with it. Sanji then continues to attack Luffy and finally, with the help of Concasser, he puts Luffy to the ground.

After Sanji is done with Luffy, he starts walking towards his carriage. While on his way to it, Nami runs to him and slaps him. She calls him Lord Sanji while apologizing and then walks away. Sanji then enters his carriage and tells the driver to start moving.

Luffy Tells Sanji How Much He Is Important To Him

Just a few seconds later, Luffy screams Sanji’s name and tells him that he knows that he’s lying. He tells him that he wasn’t the one who felt the pain from the kicks, and he then calls him a bad liar. Luffy further states that he won’t move a muscle from this place and he will only eat the food Sanji will cook for him, meaning that he will starve to death if Sanji doesn’t come back. Finally, Luffy says that “Without you (Sanji) I can’t be a Pirate King”, because of which Sanji starts crying. The episode then ends with Sanji’s siblings taunting him.

One Piece Chapter 845

Reiju To Help Sanji Escape

Now in One Piece chapter 845, rumors are that Sanji’s sister, Reiju will help him escape. She will be the one who will help him reunite with Luffy and the others. We have seen Reiju helping Sanji in the past, so it won’t be that surprising if she decides to help him. There is also a rumor claiming that a fight between the Vinsmoke family and the Big Mom pirates will soon take place. So that moment might be the one when Sanji escapes. Lady Pudding is also expected to help Sanji in his escape.

One Piece Chapter 845 Release Date           

One Piece chapter 845 will be released sometime in this week. The chapter will reveal what Sanji will do after his incident with Luffy. Maybe he will find a way to make sure his master Zeff is safe, and will then escape with the others.

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