One Piece Chapter 842 was released some time ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter in the critically acclaimed manga series to arrive.

Chapter 842 has without any doubt, left fans waiting for the next chapter, as in it, we got to see the Vinsmoke family heading towards Big Mom’s castle for the engagement and exchanging of gifts. We also got to see that Luffy along with the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates are struggling against their enemies and are trying their best to get to Sanji as soon as possible.

So will they manage to reach Sanji before he and his family leave for the engagement? Here is a short recap of One Piece Chapter 842 and spoilers of Chapter 843.

Luffy Defeats Cracker Using Gear 4th: Tankman

In the Seducing Woods, we get to see Luffy who is still struggling against Cracker. To make things easier, Nami appears out of somewhere and uses one of her abilities to produce rain, which makes Cracker’s biscuits soft and easy for Luffy to eat.

After realizing that he is at his limit of eating, Luffy transforms himself into a big giant balloon, which kind of pushes away Cracker.

One Piece Chapter 843

After seeing Luffy transforming into a gigantic balloon, Cracker gets nervous and attacks him without a plan. Cracker thinks that if he hits Luffy in the right spot, he can pierce through him and make him explode. However, as soon as Cracker gets near him to attack, Luffy activates Muscle Balloon Gear 4th Tankman Full Version, which surprises Cracker.

Muscle Balloon Gear 4th Tankman made Luffy even bigger, but it made him stronger too. Thinking that he can not move in such a state, Cracker once again attacks Luffy to pierce through him. However, Cracker was in for a surprise as Luffy had another move to show,  Honey Pretzel. This move allowed Luffy to convert his stomach into elastic. Afterwards, he trapped Cracker along with all of biscuits inside his stomach. And for the finale, Luffy used his signature move, Gomu Gomu no Cannon Ball, which made Cracker fly towards the end of the seas.

Now, because of Luffy’s fight with Cracker, we got to see that he has a lot more to show in the future. In One Piece Chapter 843 or later on, when Luffy goes against Big Mom, we can definitely expect him to use all three of his new Tankman’s moves. This would be without any doubt, exciting to see as we haven’t seen Luffy in some serious action for quite some time now. We might also finally get to see Luffy’s Gear 5th when he goes against Big Mom.

Sanji To Escape The Wedding Using His Mask

As we all know, Sanji got beaten up pretty bad. After the beating, Sanji’s face kind of got out of shape. So to treat his injuries, again, Reiju appeared who applied a mask on his face. However, Reiju tells Sanji that the mask will only prevent his face from swelling and it won’t heal it completely. Whenever someone will touch his face, it would still hurt.

One Piece Chapter 843

Now, there are rumors that this mask, which Reiju applied on Sanji’s face, will help him escape the wedding. As Sanji’s face is currently unrecognizable due to the beating, he might take his mask off while escaping so no one would recognize who he is. Though he will need to completely change his dress code too, but that won’t be a very big problem for him. The main problem for him is that he will have to cross paths with his father and his siblings, which might get him into trouble.

Reiju To Help Sanji Escape The Wedding 

In One Piece Chapter 842, we also got to see the kindness of Reiju once again. Not only did she treated Sanji’s injuries, but she also stated that she wants Sanji to get the happiness he deserves. This proves that Sanji is just irresistible for Reiju.

Now, after seeing what Reiju did, there is a big chance that she will help Sanji escape the wedding. The next following chapters will finally reveal what Reiju really thinks of her brother and how she will help him escape this situation.

One Piece Chapter 843 will be released some time in next week. Let us know if you’re excited for the next chapter or not in the comments below.


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