One Piece Chapter 840 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. Chapter 840 revealed a lot of stuff about Sanji and his family. We got to know that the Vinsmoke family had been experimenting cloning in their kingdom. The chapter left a lot of questions in mind. The most important ones are how will Sanji manage to escape his family after learning the truth? And will Luffy activate Gear 5th to beat Cracker or not? Here’s a recap of Chapter 840 and speculations about One Piece Chapter 841.

The Vinsmoke Family And Sanji

Sanji’s elder brother, Yonji reveals that all Germa Soldiers are created inside a lab. He further reveals that their father, Jajji (Judge) was a brilliant scientist. In fact, he was the very person working with Vegapunk in developing advanced weaponry. According to him, Jajji and Vegapunk discovered the blueprints of life together. After Sanji gets to know the truth, he gets shocked and kind of remembers what happened when he and his siblings were kids.

One Piece Chapter 841

Sanji got shocked after Jajji told him that all the Vinsmoke Siblings were the result of the most advanced, progressive, scientific breakthrough and genetic engineering. Each and every Vinsmoke kid has abilities which normal humans do not possess, thus making them super human weapons.

According to Yonji, their father’s ultimate goal was to make all of his five children strong enough to lead armies. For this, the five children had to go through a difficult training session each day. However, Sanji always failed in that training. This is the very reason why Jajji declared Sanji dead as he did not become what he expected. Jajji thought of Sanji as a normal, regular human being.

Now, after learning that truth, Sanji might finally go all out on the Vinsmoke family and escape. He might even reunite with Luffy without his help.

Luffy To Activate Gear 5th Against Cracker In Chapter 841

In Chapter 837, Luffy encountered Cracker, who happens to be one of Big Mom’s sweet commanders. Cracker was ultimately strong for Luffy, until Luffy activated Gear 4th. With the help of Kong Gun, Luffy was able to hurt cracker. However, it turned out to be that Luffy only damaged his armor and Cracker’s full form was revealed when Luffy completely broke it.

One Piece Chapter 841
Luffy Gear 5th Fan Art

Now, the only thing which is stopping Luffy from getting to Sanji is Cracker. Luffy knows that he doesn’t has the luxury of time, so he will have to speed things up. Luffy currently has weakened Cracker by destroying his Biscuit Armor, so it won’t be hard for him to knock him down. However, it is a known fact that Cracker can not be taken lightly as he his full of surprises. So this might make Luffy finally activate Gear 5th to beat Cracker.

One Piece Chapter 841 will be released some time in next week. The next chapter will finally reveal what Sanji will do in order to escape from his family and whether Luffy will activate Gear 5th against Cracker or not. All will be revealed in One Piece Chapter 841. Fans definitely have something to look forward too in the upcoming week.

Let us know if you’re excited for One Piece Chapter 841 or not in the comments below.


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