When it comes to modern games based on One Piece they don’t do much justice to represent the diverse universe of the anime/ manga series. Furthermore, if you’re heavily invested in the anime/ manga style pirate infested series, you’d be surprised at how dense the crew is on the voyage. Consequently, here’s our One Piece Burning Blood Impressions.

one piece burning blood impressions
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One Piece Burning Blood Impressions – No story does the anime injustice

We wish for a better combat and larger story in Luffy’s new brawler. The lack of a consistent storyline makes the game shallow and undesirable to play for too long. It feels like a Naruto rip-off with really bad controls

Wonky and chaotic approach to combat

Burning Blood’s combat will be immediately recognizable to anyone who played the underwhelming cross-over J-Stars Victory Plus. Burning Blood drops you in a one on one 3D battle where you can swap between teams of up to three different characters. The combat is full of flashy action ripped straight from the anime. That makes the early rounds of battle a visual treat. Unfortunately, Burning Blood needs that flashing for players to learn its wonky and chaotic approach to combat.

Very little variety in terms of fighters and play styles

Even though the roster is an admirable 44 characters deep, there actual variety is limited. The battles feel really simple. You’ll take out most of the AI controlled fighters by wildly mashing buttons.

Most of the time you’d be running around to get to your enemy you tossed a mile away

The levels are too large for two player 3D combat. Movement speed is also slow, so if you punch someone and they land all the way to one edge of the map a mile away, you’ll have to run towards them. This can get boring and repetitive really quick as you can imagine.

Really bad camera placement during combat

The slightly off-center camera will take some getting used to. And even then it doesn’t feel preferable to more traditional camera view to classics like Tekken or Virtua Fighter.

one piece burning blood impressions
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