Taxi-hailing service Ola has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with German luxury car manufacturer BMW to introduce its luxurious fleet of cars as an on-demand service in India. As part of the MoU, BMW cars will now be available in the Ola Lux section of the company’s mobile app.


Considering the high standard of the cars to be inducted in the new fleet, Ola will allow customers to book BMWs on an hourly basis using the “Rentals” features. Ola had already inducted vehicles from other luxury car makers such as Audi, Jaguar, and Mercedes in its Luxury on-demand offerings.

“Through this partnership, Ola will strengthen its presence in the luxury mobility segment, an area that we believe has tremendous potential,” Ola CEO Pranay Jivrajka said, as reported by IB Times.

Ola BMW fares and availability

Ola Lux’s BMW fleet will cost a minimum of Rs 250, and then Rs 20 – Rs 22 per kilometer afterward. At that price, riders will also receive all standard first-class benefits including live tracking, auto-connect Wi-Fi, cashless payments, and so on.

There’ll be no extra charges against wait time, although riders will have to pay thrice as much as the regular ride time fares – Rs 3 per minute and Rs 200 just in case the ride is canceled (by the rider).

The base fare for each Ola Lux booking is Rs 1,999 for 30km/2 hours and Rs 25 per kilometer afterward. Additional time fare cost stands at Rs 700 an hour.

As of now, Ola’s BMW fleet is available only in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. However, the service could spread to more cities soon depending on how the initial deployment works out.


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