Oculus is restructuring and its CEO is stepping down. VR is awesome and it is what the majority of gamers want for gaming to do. However, VR has 3 main HUGE problems.

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Oculus CEO steps down as VR fails to make big on its promises

First, there aren’t ANY games. We mean NONE. There are a bunch of really cool and really short tech demos but nothing substantial or meaty. And that’s what any gaming platform needs to be successful.

Second, it’s still too expensive. You need the headset, controllers (usually sold separately), processing power (expensive gaming PC or PS4) and often another camera (sold separately) in order to turn around. Not to mention a dedicated room that is large enough to move around in.

Third, it still has the problem of nausea. You can’t roam around in VR. They deal with this by having you teleport. But that is immersion breaking and takes away from the experience people want. This nausea problem doesn’t apply to all people, true. But it applies to enough that it will make people not want to spend so much money on everything required.

Solve these 3 problems and we guarantee that VR will be successful as all hell. But not until then, unfortunately. The problem is that if not enough of these VR sets move now then nobody will develop for them. And the money won’t be there for research in the future. Which would be tragic, because this is something everyone REALLY wants. Take the Wii U for example. They had to let that system die because people had formed their opinions about it and it’s lack of games. We really hope it isn’t too late for VR but we fear it might be and the departure of Oculus’s CEO is proof.


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