We covered earlier this week that NVIDIA is expected to come up with most powerful and its first 16nm FinFET based pascal architecture powered GTX 1080. The device, soon after the launch of NVIDIA Pascal next month, is going to be released on May 27th. We took a look at the rumours available on the internet and came up with the likely technical specifications of the device.


The device will have the GP104 GPU, with 8 GB of GDDR5X memory, an eight pin power connector, a DVI port, an HDMI port, and two Display ports. What is interesting about the GPU is that it is not the “big” Pascal GPU that we have been  expecting, namely the GP100.

Also interesting is that along with the talk of NVIDIA Pascal, there has been speculation about HBM2, which is the second generation of High Bandwidth Memory. The GTX 1080 will not have HBM, but will have 8 Gigs of GDDR5X. We expect that the first NVIDIA GPU to feature HBM will be the flagship GP100.

It is not sure that the power consumption of the unit will be as the information given in this article is based solely on rumour, but the power connector that comes with the GPU will have a limit of 225W. This is not an indication of the actual power requirement of the unit, as is evident from the fact that the NVIDIA GTX 980, although supporting 250W of power, actually consumes only 165W. In reality, the power consumption of the 1080 is expected to be much lower than that of the 980 because of the utilization of the Pascal architecture.

  • moseyo tam

    time and again my gtx650ti is becoming more more outdately pathetic.

  • Xengre

    I doubt they can get the bandwidth they have been raging about with GDDRX5 and that it only applies to professional/Titan grade GPUs from Nvidia’s Pascal line up. Basically they lied and think they can get away with it until AMD releases something to force their hand. Might actually cost Nvidia quite a bit this time around, tho.

    • S0ldier

      Yeah, GDDRX5? What are they thinking? I hope AMD will make them learn a lesson.

  • wargamer1969

    Want a single card that can handle every game at 60fps at 4K.